Then & Then & Now: 331 S. Meldrum

Fort Collins is an ever evolving city. In the middle of the twentieth century, as Fort Collins experienced a tremendous growth spurt, downtown expanded into what had previously been residential areas.  The following example of just such an expansion was shared recently by Dean Schachterle on his Facebook page. I was so delighted by the photos he posted and the story he wrote with them, that I asked if I could reshare what he had written as a guest post here on Forgotten Fort Collins. Thankfully he said yes. I added a few additional photos from the newly updated Fort Collins History Connection website, as well as Google Streetview, at the end. The northwest corner of South Meldrum and West Magnolia Streets has seen change over the years. The Tomlin home was there until about 1968. It was across the street from the old Lincoln Junior High School. When the new U.S. Post Office was built using the entire block at 301 South Howes, Varra Beauty Salon had to vacate their business located at 300 South Meldrum. The salon owners built a new multi-purpose building across the street at 331 South Meldrum by demolishing the Tomlin house. The Varra Beauty Salon opened … Continue reading Then & Then & Now: 331 S. Meldrum