Happy 95th Birthday, Lincoln Middle School!

On Saturday, September 2, 1922, Fort Collins residents opened their newspapers to find an announcement from Albert H. Dunn, the superintendent of schools, on the front page. After several years of talking about it, the city of Fort Collins was finally going to have its very first junior high school. Up until that time, kids attended grade school from kindergarten to eighth grade, at which point many moved on to find employment or to get married. But by reorganizing seventh and eighth grade into a junior high format, it was hoped that students would get a taste of what high school would be like, and they’d choose to continue their education. In elementary schools, students remained in one classroom all day long, usually with only one instructor. They learned the basics: reading, writing, mathematics, history, etc. In high school there was an entirely different format to the day. Students had a series of teachers, each one knowledgeable in the specific field in which they taught. And students were expected to begin considering broader topics, such as Agriculture (which was added to the high school curriculum the same year that the Junior High was born). The idea of having a transitional period between grade school and high … Continue reading Happy 95th Birthday, Lincoln Middle School!