Horace Greeley – Man with a Neckbeard

I’ve been traveling to Greeley quite a bit this summer. Every time I pass through, I marvel at the variety and styles of architecture, the diversity of people, and the length of time it takes to get there from Fort Collins. (Why does it always take longer than I expect it will?!) A friend also recently gave me a book that was published in 1970 on the history of the city of Greeley. So Greeley has been much on my mind of late. … Which has also gotten me to thinking about Horace Greeley, the man for whom the city was named. Horace was the founder and editor of the New-York Tribune and a friend of Nathan C. Meeker, a fellow newspaperman who founded the Union Colony (which later became the city of Greeley) in 1869. As I read through the history book that my friend gave me entitled the first hundred years — greeley, colorado (Yes, the title is all in lower case — at least on the front cover. It must have been a ’70s thing.) I was not only reminded of how the city was founded and named, but in the very beginning of the book are also pictures of both … Continue reading Horace Greeley – Man with a Neckbeard