Wish You Were Here – a postcard book by Cheryl Miller

In 2006, Cheryl Miller, in the CSU Department of Animal Sciences, compiled a book of old Fort Collins and CSU post cards as well as text from old newspapers. A friend of mine, Jennifer Mayan Kaylor, loaned me her copy. It’s been a lot of fun to flip through, and I thought I’d share some excerpts with you all. All excerpted text below is directly from the book. All postcard images are duplicates found online that match postcards reproduced in the book — from the collections of Gordon Hazard, Rose Thompson, and Cheryl Miller. Excerpts February 20, 1902 – Mrs. Owens of Castle Rock, a representative of the Anti-Cigarette League, gave a helpful lecture on “Love, Courtship and Marriage” at the college chapel. The students were treated to a whirlwind of wholesome wit interspersed with straightforward defense of the right and condemnation of the wrong as they have heard from this breezy, cheery woman. Fort Collins Fun Fact  February 26, 1908 – The Loveland Leader stated, “It may be difficult for some to realize it, but really Fort Collins is not the whole thing in Larimer County.” Fort Collins Fun Fact March, 1915 – D. C. Armitage, city commissioner of public works, announced that a number of … Continue reading Wish You Were Here – a postcard book by Cheryl Miller