Potty Talk from Sheely Drive

The crazy thing about history is that it covers everything. If it happened prior to “now,” then it’s history. So the whole spectrum of activities that humans engage in, from the greatest to the lowliest, can be talked about from a historic point of view. And by extension, the various tools used in these activities can become intriguing artifacts of an era. Take the green bathroom sink and toilet for example…. In 1954, a house was being built in Fort Collins that was unlike anything the town had seen before. The building was long and low, utterly unlike the array of houses found in the rest of the city. (“The rest of the city” would be approximately equivalent to what we call “Old Town” today.) And in it was installed one of the hippest, coolest, most modern bathrooms available at the time. Crane fixtures were top-of-the-line. The builder spared no expense for this house in a brand new subdivision on the other side of Colorado A&M from the rest of Fort Collins. A truly modern house, on a winding, modern street, could only feature sleek, modern bathroom furniture. This historic, classic 1950s sink and toilet set, in full-on sherbert green, is … Continue reading Potty Talk from Sheely Drive