In search of the Day or Paine family

I’ve recently been given some photos that were all taken around the 1920s and 30s. There are a few last names mentioned on the photos including Day, Paine, Wolfe, Massey, Stafford and Atwood. I’ve plodded through and managed to pull together a family tree that centers mostly around the Days and Paines. (I suspect that the collector of the photographs was Grace Paine who married Alfred Day.) Among the photos are a some that are stamped with the names of Loveland photographers (or photo developers). Jacob Maurer is mentioned as the printer of one. Garrett’s Art Craft Studio is another. There are also a few photos printed at Ringer’s Studio in Paola, Kansas, as well as by W. E. Stepp in Pleasanton, Kanasa. And there’s a postcard that was addressed to LaCygne, Kansas. I’d like to locate the a family member that would appreciate this collection of photos. I’m hoping that by posting this here, I’ll come across someone who might have known the Days. They seemed to travel up the Big Thompson canyon enough to have several photos of their journeys. And there are a few photos of Grace and Alfred Day’s son, Berl, that have “Loveland” written under Berl’s name. It’s possible that … Continue reading In search of the Day or Paine family