Charles and Margaret Shepardson

Reminiscing about Lincoln Junior High on the school’s 95th anniversary brought to mind several well known teachers that may have passed on, but they are clearly not forgotten. In reflecting upon the school’s history, former students spoke of Coach Hal Kinard swatting troublesome students, Mr. Williams standing in the hallway to be sure everyone got to class on time, and Miss Shepardson encouraging students to use both sides of a piece of paper so as not to be wasteful. One of those former Lincoln Junior High students, Dean Schachterle, has offered up the following guest post about Miss Shepardson and also her brother, Charles — both dedicated educators in Fort Collins. Thank you, Dean! Dr. Charles N. Shepardson is a familiar name at Colorado State University. Another well-known name in Fort Collins is Miss Margaret Shepardson. Unknown to some local citizens is the brother and sister relationship of these prominent educators. Dr. Shepardson is renowned for his achievements in both education and banking. Miss Margaret Shepardson taught many local students English during her long teaching career at Lincoln Junior High School. The following story elaborates part of their family history and accomplishments. Tragedy brought a widow and her three small children to Fort Collins in September … Continue reading Charles and Margaret Shepardson