This will be the last post in the Forgotten Fort Collins 2014 Cemetery Stroll series. I visited the cemeteries at both Ault and Eaton yesterday, but I’m only going to post the Ault photos here and Eaton will have to wait for another day. If you missed the previous posts, I covered the Wellington Highland Cemetery on Sunday,  the Harmony Cemetery on Monday, the Bingham Hill Cemetery on Tuesday, and the Timnath Cemetery on Wednesday.

What struck me about the Ault cemetery (besides the long list of rules that are posted outside the gate) was the variety of nationalities that were represented in this rural location. The burial locations weren’t segregated. There wasn’t a Hispanic section, a Japanese section, a European section, etc. Names seemed fairly uniformly dispersed throughout the grounds, alluding to a better racial climate than I would have guessed there’d be in a rural setting.

Then again, perhaps differing nationalities get along better in death than in life. I don’t really know much about Ault. It’s a history that I look forward to diving into some time in the future.