[When Forgotten Fort Collins became Northern Colorado History, not all posts ported over in their entirety. This is one of those posts. There should be a gallery of photos here. I’m hoping to set things right some day, but until that day comes, just know that there should be more here. It’s just not here yet.]

On Mondays, as often as possible, I post a photo of an old postcard from somewhere around northern Colorado. If you follow Forgotten Fort Collins on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+, you’ve probably already seen most of these postcards. (I have added a few new ones to the slideshow that I haven’t shared previously.) But I thought it would be fun to collect them all up together into one slideshow.

I’ve grouped the photos together by area, so when you see one Loveland photo, you’ll see a few more immediately following. Ditto for Greeley and Fort Collins. There’s only two shots of Estes Park and one postcard each of Laramie, Winterpark, and Elitch’s. There are a couple of vertical cards that you’ll only see in their entirety if you click through on the slideshow to expand it, but you should be able to see a substantial portion of those cards even if you just watch the slideshow above without clicking through.

With today’s snowfall, it seems appropriate to start with the Winterpark postcard. Enjoy!

All postcard images were snagged from either CardCow.com or eBay.com.