A couple weeks ago, the Coloradoan posted a quiz entitled “How Fort Collins are YOU?” I heard complaints from some residents that the questions didn’t really reflect a knowledge of events or places that showed a long term relationship with the city. So, with some help from Nancy Hansford’s book, Fort Collins Highlights, I’ve created a quiz of my own.

I’ve only lived in Fort Collins for the past 13 years and I don’t know that I’d do very well on this quiz. But I wrote it with the hopes of finding the old-timers here. Let us know how you do!

I’ve never done an embedded survey like this. If it goes well, it might be fun to do a few different surveys like this. I think it would be fun to do a quiz for each decade. Fort Collins has been around for 150 years. We could have 15 surveys of history, one for each decade. What else would be fun in survey form? Post your ideas in the comments.

In addition to Nancy’s book, I also got a wee bit of info from a forum discussion on the Rolling Stones.