Yesterday I posted a slideshow of photos from the Wellington Highland Cemetery. Today I have a series from the Harmony Cemetery at the corner of Harmony and McMurry. These are part of my series, “2014 Cemetery Stroll / Forgotten Fort Collins Style.” This Saturday, the actual Cemetery Stroll will be taking place at Grandview Cemetery in Fort Collins.

In comparison to the Wellington Cemetery, the Harmony Cemetery felt more like a park. The grave stones held similarly sad stories of families that lost several young children in the late 1800s or early 1900s. And the stones were in disrepair. But the lawn was lush, green, and freshly mowed, making for a striking contrast. Between the two, I think I liked the wind-swept prairie feel of the Wellington Cemetery more. It seemed truer to the roots of the early pioneers who were buried there.

I parked at the daycare and entered the cemetery by climbing over the wall. I didn’t see a gate anywhere, but according to, there is one there, along with a plaque giving the name of the site.  If I’m not mistaken, the plaque misspells the name, calling it the “Harmony Cemetary.” (Spell-check is very upset with me right now. It keeps trying to change the “a” to an “e.”)

To learn more about the early town of Harmony, check out Barbara Fleming’s Coloradoan article from February 16, 2014: A Walk Through History: Before there was Harmony Road, there was Harmony.