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Have you ever heard of a really neat sounding history event AFTER the event already took place? Do you like to dress up in period regalia (or at least hear stories from those who do)? Do you like to have a good time for a good cause? Then have I ever got news for you!

Forgotten Fort Collins will now be publishing a monthly events calendar at the end of each month with information about history-related happenings that will be taking place the following month in Northern Colorado. From quilting bees to weekend long shindigs, if it harkens back to days of yore, then it’s fair game to be covered in this newsletter. (And “history” doesn’t automatically mean “Victorian.” Sock hops, veterans events, tie-dying parties,… anything we associate with a bygone era, is equally considered history here.)

There is a LOT going on this June. Unfortunately, several of the events are on the same day. It’s a total bummer things worked out that way, but the history museums and others have banded together to make sure such overlaps are kept to a minimum in the future. A new group has been formed called Colorado Heritage Connect in which representatives from all different parts of Northern Colorado get together monthly to alert each other to upcoming history related events and to share ideas. Meetings are open to anyone that’s interested, but the main reason I mention it is not so that you’ll attend the meetings, but so that you’ll know that that’s where I’m getting most of my info from for these newsletters. If you don’t attend the meetings, but you have an event that you’d like me to consider for inclusion, just shoot me an email.

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