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Back in December I shared pictures of several old matchbooks that had been given out by local restaurants and bars back in the day. Today I have more matchbooks to share, this time from auto dealers, gas stations, and hotels.

Matchbooks were a popular and inexpensive way during the mid-Twentieth Century to advertise your business and  build brand recognition. Though the lighter was apparently invented before the match, the Zippo lighter company wasn’t founded until 1932. But if you misplaced your lighter, it was always handy to have a book of matches on hand when you wanted to light up.

Several of the places listed on these matchbooks are still around today.

The Matchbooks are from:
The Andrews Auto Company – 230 S. College Avenue
Art C. Sheely Inc. – 330 S. College Avenue
Rocky Mountain Refinishing – 445 N. College Avenue
Philgas, the Phillips Petroleum Company – 124 E. Vine
Collins Muffler Shops – 2003 S. College Avenue
The Ghent Motor Company – 2601 S. College (or 262 E. Mountain?)
The Ghent Motor Company – 2601 S. College Avenue (They’d definitely moved by 1969.)
Pennocks Standard Service – 825 N. College Avenue
Plainsman Motel – N. College
The Northern Hotel – 172 N. College Avenue



To read more about lighters, check out the Wikipedia page on the topic, which includes with some photos of classic lighters as well as an explanation of how lighters work.