[Slideshows didn’t make the transition from Forgotten Fort Collins to Northern Colorado History. Hopefully I’ll get them restored at some point.]

(Click on the photo above to see the full matchbook cover. If the slideshow doesn’t progress on its own, use the arrows at the bottom of the images.)

While puttering around on eBay, I found several matchbooks from (mostly) around the time of mid-century Fort Collins. In today’s post, I’ve collected several matchbooks into one slideshow that focuses on restaurants and bars. How many of these do you recognize?

And here’s some quick facts on matchbooks from Wikipedia:

* Paper matches were patended in the 1880s.
* A paper “folder” to hold the matches was patented in September 1892 by Philadelphia patent attory, Joshua Pusey.
* The matchbook that we know today was developed by Charles Bowman of Lebanon, PA.

All images used in the slideshow are from eBay where several of these are still available if you have a matchbook collection and are interested in any of these.