Sometimes I come across a photo in the archives that just cracks me up. This photo of three Colorado Agricultural College wrestlers is one such example. (CSU was called the Colorado Agricultural College before 1935.)

This photo of three wrestlers is from the CSU Archive. UHPC_2639.

Altering a photo in some way has always required a certain amount of finesse, but in the days before Photoshop, someone at the agricultural college decided to take a fairly heavy hand in altering this image. Either the background was inappropriate, or perhaps a different third wrestler needed to be inserted in the photo than the one that was originally there. We may never know the reason, but clearly someone felt the need to make a rather drastic change.

The Colorado State University Archive, where this photo can be found, doesn’t even allude to the drastic photo-editing job. The caption simply reads: “Three men in wrestling outfits are standing straight; 2 men have their hands behind their backs; a brick and stone building is behind them and there is snow on the ground.”


Photo is from the Colorado State University Archive – UHPC_2639.