This upcoming Saturday is the 19th annual Cemetery Stroll at Grandview Cemetery, with the theme “Under the Shadow of the Civil War: a Fort is Born.” This year you’ll learn why the Fort was established (believe it or not, it has to do with keeping California happy) and why it’s named for Colonel Collins. 

As I thought about the upcoming cemetery stroll, I began to wonder about other local cemeteries. And I decided to do a cemetery stroll of my own. Unlike the one coming up this Saturday, there aren’t any reenactments to watch or munchies to partake of. Instead, I hope to present a photo “stroll” of some of northern Colorado’s cemeteries.

What follows is a slideshow of photos from the Wellington Highland Cemetery. I made a few notes on photos, but for the most part I let the images speak for themselves. I find them to be quite eloquent.