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Talk on Red Feather, Historic Homes Tour & Pioneer Living Day | Sponsor News

By On August 31, 2017

All three of Forgotten Fort Collins’ sponsors have events happening in September! The Fort Collins Historical Society opens the month with a talk on the history of Red Feather Lakes. The 33rd… Read More


Tea Time and Farm Animals | Sponsor News

By On May 19, 2017

Despite our mid-Spring snowfall, Summer events are right around the corner. Tea on the Avery House Lawn is happening on June 3rd. Experience a traditional tea on the lush grounds of the… Read More


Baby Animals, the Origins of Fort Collins, and the Results of Recent Time Travel
| Sponsored |

By On April 3, 2017

Baby Animals at the Bee Family Farm – May 6th Spring on the Farm is a new family-friendly event being hosted by the Bee Family Centennial Farm Museum on May 6th from 10 am… Read More


The Time Travelers Ball
April 1st at the Rio | Sponsored

By On March 24, 2017

The Poudre Landmarks Foundation (caretakers for the Avery House and Water Works) are hosting their third Time Travelers Ball on April 1st in the Agave Room (over the Rio). There’ll be lots to… Read More

Agricultural History

The Blizzard of 1949, the Earliest Peoples in NoCo, and a Shoutout to our Sponsors

By On January 6, 2017

One of the most horrible blizzards on the western plains rolled in on January 2, 1949. Temperatures had climbed into the 70s on New Years Day in some areas. But the very next day it took only… Read More

NoCo Holidays

Christmas Shopping in 1930 — Plus a Shoutout to Sponsors

By On December 20, 2016

Back in 1930 there was no online shopping at Christmas time. There was no mall and no chain stores surrounded by massive parking lots. Instead there were homemade gifts, mail-order catalogs like Sears-Roebuck,… Read More


Learn About, and Celebrate, the Early Pioneers this September | Sponsor Activities

By On August 19, 2016

There are two upcoming September events that revolve around our homesteading pioneer predecessors. One is a talk that will be given at the first Fort Collins Historical Society meeting of the season that… Read More

Agricultural History

Visit the Site of an Early Homesteading Family & a Forgotten Fort Collins Sponsor

By On July 27, 2016

The Homestead Act of 1862 was a means for the United States government to quickly seed new states, such as Iowa and Kansas, and territories, such as Colorado, with American citizens. It was… Read More


Sponsored Post: Non-Profit Partners hosting Vintage Baseball & Class for Realtors

By On June 12, 2016

There are two great events coming up this month that are worth spreading the word about — a Vintage Baseball Game at the Bee Family Farm and a Class for Realtors that… Read More

Agricultural History

Help Me Welcome the Bee Family Centennial Farm as a FFC Partner/Sponsor!

By On May 20, 2016

I’m excited to announce that the Bee Family Centennial Farm has come on board as a nonprofit partner with Forgotten Fort Collins! The Bees are one of the oldest farming families in the Fort… Read More


Sponsored Post: Time Travelers Ball – Equinox Adventures

By On March 8, 2016

I’ve been asked many times, if I could go back in time, who would I want to meet. I’ve never been very good at answering that question, mostly because when I meet… Read More