After finishing a five post series on the 1886 Sanborn map and the buildings that still remain today from that time period, I wanted to have a final wrap-up, focusing only on the buildings that still look pretty much the same today as they did then. Many of these buildings had changed over the years, especially in the 1960s and 70s, as building “fashion” changed over time. Victorian detailing was removed and large, flat metal or wooden paneling was added. But after a lot of photographic research and restoration work, with the help of financial incentives through the Federal and City landmarking programs, owners have brought the altered buildings back to their historic beginnings.

Though I showed buildings in the previous posts that had been altered, for this final summary, I am only going to include buildings that show something close to their original facade (even if it’s an “original facade” that’s the result of a restoration makeover).

The slideshow cuts off the vertical images. To see all of the images at a larger size and without cropping, click on the slideshow and it should expand.

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